Luminite your Night

Luminite is the new way to listen to you music weather at a concert , in the car, or at home.

Luminite takes the sound and beat of your music and or what ever the microphone can pic up and lights up the room by those sound waves. 

Using things that your amazing iPhone already has like your screen, your microphone , your flash, and long hours of algorithm testing we've been apple to create Music/Sound Adapting Light Show.

Its time for events with music to be brighten up with out the thousand dollar lighting equipment used. 

You can either use the default colors from Laminate or select your own favorite color.

For Luminite to work you must allow it to access your microphone only for when the app is being used. Luminite does not record any experiences you have while using it and will not access your microphone if not being used (including in background). 

AND of course NO ADs, WHAT SO EVER !!! 

Luminite is so 95% precise with flashing the color to the beat of any song and only getting better. 

Theres no app in the word that does what we have accomplished.

So i believe that makes it an Original ? :-) 

Luminite made in New York with <3